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Questions and answers


Clinic Management Software:Can I use barcode in La vie system?

For Lavie-Clinic Management Software- Yes, you can print barcode (Label, A4), according to the use and the need for the program also supports barcode reading property. You can try the system for free Created by: Petra Software Ind.


Could we work on Clinic software-Lavie-with more than one user?

Yes,You can work on Clinic software-Lavie-with any number of users, with different permissions, and also the possibility to change the password at any time.


Can we use Lavie program in receipt printer?

With Lavie program Yes, you can print on any printer you have found.


What space/which needed for clinic management software ?

The most common question for users is: What space/which could be withstand by clinic management software? The database can withstand a huge amount of data up to 5 GB of information.


Flaws in the other clinic management programs, solved by Lavie.

There are many of Clinic management programs available in the market , but Lavie program is one of the best programs which could help small to medium sized business as it’s easy to use and has many features.


How long Lavie program could continue to work?

Lavie program can be continued in nearly 20 or 30 years. So you can use it as much as you want.


What programming for Clinic management software creation?

What programming language used in Clinic management software-Lavie? Why we give this information?In other words, you can say what it is the use of this information for me as a user? For technical programmers uses. So, Lavie program was built by .net


In what fields can benefit from Lavie management software ?

Lavie management software for clinics and medical centers, collect and organize all data as it’s supporting accounting also.